Thursday, 10 January 2013


Welcome to my blog! I have writing a beauty blog for a couple of years- here. Although I am not the best at updating it, I enjoy it when I do, and love reading other blogs. I do however get very stressed about not posting, about posts being perfect and so on. I want this blog to be different, more personal, and on my terms.

So whats it all about? Well, like the title suggests I need to shape up. I am currently overweight, and unhappy about that. I am by nature a lazy person, and I enjoy eating! I am not looking to have some completely dramatic life overhaul, where I spend all my waking hours exercising and only eat lettuce. I know that is not realistic, and I'd be miserable. Instead, I want to make changes where I can, try to do at least some exercise, and be more aware of what I eat. By writing this blog and tracking my eating and exercise, I hope that I will be able to loose some weight and increase my fitness. I'll still eat crisps and junk food sometimes, cos I enjoy them! However, I need to learn to use them as treats, and stop at one.

As a background about me, I have just turned 30, and I am a Staff Nurse in A&E. At least my job keeps me very active. I am from Scotland, but currently working in England, and living in hospital accommodation. However,  I have recently managed to get a job back in Scotland, and am going to be moving in with my boyfriend for the first time. Although we do have bad eating habits when we are together, we are both looking forward to this as a new start, and plan on doing weekly shops and menu planning.

So, on this blog i'll be talking about my progress, things I use to help me, foods and recipes, and whatever else I think of. If anyone else is embarking on a similar journey i'd love some pals for support!

Anna x

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