Saturday, 12 January 2013

Salad lunches for work

In my job, I work shifts, and lots of different shifts at that. I do earlies (07.30-15.30, lates (13.30-21.30), Twilights (16.00-00.00 or 18.00-02.00), and nights (21.00-08.00 and occasionally 22.00-06.00). This makes eating sensibly quite difficult, and without forward planning I end up eating junk, canteen food, or overpriced costa food. I find eat sensibly particularly difficult when I do nights, as I do 7 in a row. I try to eat a normal dinner before I go, and then we always bring in snacks for through the night, and then I try to eat something before bed or else I wake up due to hunger.

When I am on early shift, I always say to myself that I will get up and make lunch, but I never do. Then its off to the canteen for a baked potato, or something naughty from costa. This wastes money, and isn't always a healthy option. Sometimes, a treat is well needed though, and a costa lunch goes down great!

So, last night I made two salads up, for today and tomorrow's lunches. I love salads, but it does take a while to cut up and prepare everything. To make it more worthwhile, I usually make two servings, either for dinner one night and lunch the next day, or like this, two lunches.

This salad contains (per box)-
Mixed salad leaves
1 tomato
6 Cherry Tomatoes
Half a red pepper
Quarter of a mozzarella ball
olives with feta
Tinned anchovies

Served with honey and mustard dressing.

Using my favourite weight-loss tool, the myfitnesspal app and website (more about this another day), I worked out the calorie content as 314. I love salads, and with the olives, anchovies and mozzarella, this was tasty with a good variety. It is perfect for a low calorie diet, as its a balanced and tasty meal, and pretty low calorie. I had the first salad for my lunch, on its own, and as the second was for dinner on a late, I added some weightwatchers tomato soup. I also love my little pink salad box, which I will give its own special post.

What healthy lunch ideas do you have?


  1. I am planning a healthy lunches blog post at some point in the future (veggie, of course!). But for now, I will recommend a really good, really quick couscous salad on BBC Good Food: I make this a lot for my lunch (it really does only take 10 minutes!) - the recipe makes two portions so will suit you. The only downside is that pine nuts are not cheap, so I sometimes make it without them. Let me know what you think of it!

  2. Oh, and only 327 calories, too, according to the site (fewer without the nuts, or with just a small sprinkling of them)!

  3. At the risk of looking obsessed with this one blog post (3 comments in a row!!), I have now blogged about a new creation of mine - a cous cous salad featuring roasted vegetables, sultanas and toasted almonds. It is delicious, so you should definitely take a look!