Sunday, 18 August 2013

Starting over

So I set up this blog a while ago with all the good intentions of getting fitter and eating better. That didn't go brilliantly, but now i've started over. I've started running, joined the gym and bought a bike! I've been really enjoying my running, and have been using a new app that I will blog about soon. We have a brand new gym in our city, so I have joined there and have been using the bikes, cross trainer, treadmill and even some of the previously scary weights machines.

The only problem with all this new found enthusiasm for exercise is that my knees don't seem to agree. After a week or so of short runs they began to ache and are now agony after any running. I need to get this sorted as its holding me back! I am going to try swimming and gym, and hopefully the lower impact will help it mend. Otherwise its off to the Dr's I go.

I have been using a few apps and products since I started exercising so will be reviewing these on here soon.

Do you have any tips for knee pain?


  1. What's the bike? It's lovely; I'd love an old retro looking one.

    If you're in agony with your knees from running then please have a look at your technique! Go slow and be thoughtful with your foot placement. Midsole landing takes some impact off but unfortunately heel landing can send shock straight up to your knees.

    In fact I'd recommend you find a decent sport shop that does gait analysis that will match you up with specific trainers :) x

  2. Wow, you're using the weights? Go you! I am impressed! Regarding the knee thing, really be careful - I have been getting sore knees at Body Attack, so have been doing all the low-impact options. The teacher keeps shouting at me to do the high-impact, but I worry, as my mum has arthritis in her knees, so I think I should be careful. I actually asked the doctor about this last week, and he agreed that I should keep doing the low impact options. I would guess for running you could also take a look at the support your trainers are giving you? Have you been to Achilles Heel? They seem to be good for recommending trainers for your particular running style and foot type. (In fact, looking at what ToniLauren has said above, that's what she's recommended too - Achilles Heel does the gait analysis.) Hope your knees are feeling better soon! x

  3. The knee pain could be down to something as simple as the wrong footwear... have a look at this post I wrote about trainers... ...or maybe your running style?! I'd recommend to rest your knees for a while (so exercise with no impact) and see how you feel. If it persists DEFO go see a doctor :) x
    p.s thanks for following my blog and I look forward to catching up / following your journey!

    Elle ;)