Monday, 26 August 2013

My favourite fitness apps

Now I don't know about you, but I love an app. I have apps for all sorts of things, and health and fitness is no exception. I thought I would give a quick run through of the apps I use and then give my favourites more in-depth blog posts of their own. I have an iphone, but alot of these apps are available for android phones as well.

Nike apps-I haven't actually used these apps much. The first one is used with the nike + sensor that I have in my shoes, and the second just uses the gps in your phone. These apps track runs, giving times, calories and all sorts of other things. I do like the look of the these, so will give them a proper go once I have finished my 5K training app. The nike + website is pretty good as well, as other people have uploaded run routes. More info here. Price- Free

Absolute Abs- Another one downloaded with good intentions not really followed through. This app looks really good though. It has different work out options (abs, fat burning and ultimate), and then easy to follow pictures of the moves. You play the workout, and the move is read out, with timings for the reps. I really should try this! Find it here. Price- Free (paid version available)

BMITracker- This is a simple wee app from the NHS which works out your BMI. Its easy to use as you can use metric or imperial measurements. I measure my weight loss in metric, I think because I use metric at work (I'm a nurse). With this app it immediately tells you which zone your BMI is in (It was a happy day when I got into healthy!) and you can also view a graph of your progress. You can also use this app to do quick calculate, and I use this at work when I can't find a chart and need to work out a patient's BMI. Find it here. Price-Free

MyFitnessPal- A well known one, and one I used alot in the past and need to get back into to give me a boot up the bum! Its an online calorie and activity tracker, and is great.  The app is very handy, but you can use this online without a smart phone. I'll do a more in depth review of this. Find it here. Price- Free (paid services available)

Fitbit- I LOVE this. Its the app to go with my Fitbit one, which is an amazing little pedometer and sleep meter. I got mine for Christmas last year, and haven't looked back. This will be my next post. Find out more here. Price varies depending on fitbit device, mine was £79.99.

MapMyFitness- Another well known good 'un. Its a GPS sports tracker, which you can use for running, walking, cycling, amongst others. I use this for walks and cycling, as I am interested in distances. The website is good for planning routes in advance to work out distances, as well as searching for routes others in your area have done. Find it herePrice-Free (paid services available)

Zombies 5K- Another one I LOVE. Its the beginner version of Zombies run, and is a 5K training app. Its all based on a story, with voiceovers and run/walk drills designed to train you for a 5K. I've been using this for my running and will do a full review of this as well. Find it here. Price- £1.49

Tracker Lite- This is a really simple app, basically a calendar which you can track something on. You can set a goal and tick every time you do something. I tick when I exercise, and have set a goal to exercise 20 times, then I can treat myself to some new exercise clothes. Yes, I need to bribe myself. In the free version you can only track one thing, but can track multiple things in the paid version. I may splash out in future. Find it here. Price- Free (Paid version available)

LFconnect is an app for the machines at the gym which I haven't got working yet. Price- Free

Nike Training- Is another on the 'to do' pile. It has loads of work outs for free, and looks really good.  I have this on my ipad too, as it will be easier to watch the video's on that when working out. Find it here. Price- Free

Wow, that took a while! I hope it has been of some help to you, and please come back for the more in depth reviews.

What are your favourite health and fitness apps?

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