Monday, 9 September 2013

Getting back out there and my Lidl compression socks

I talked before about the knee pain I got when I started running. I think I didn't have enough rest and that made it worse. So, I had a word with myself, and properly rested. This seems to have done the trick, as I have managed runs and gym sessions since with no pain. Once that hurdle was dealt with, of course I came down with a horrible cold. I didn't do any exercise when it was at it's worst, but the eased back in with a gym session. I managed the bike, cross trainer, and did intervals on the treadmill. The ones in my gym have a handy feature where you can set a slow speed and a fast speed, and change between them at the touch of a button. This is great as no panicking when you start to tire out and want to slow down. I managed 15 mins of alternate walking and running. I find I can run for longer continuos periods on the treadmill than I can outside. Does anyone else find this?

Today I went out for a run, trying to get back into my Zombies 5k training plan. I did week 3 run 2, and was pretty knackered. I still enjoyed it though. I think the knee injury has made me appreciate running, and only fuelled my desire to run.

When shopping for bargains in Lidl the other day (£3 rump steak, yum), I spotted these-

Compression socks for £2.99! Since getting into running I have read lots about compression socks but wasn't sure if I really needed them. They are supposed to help with muscle pain during and after running. I don't think i'll be wearing these bad boys out though! I have them on just now, and they do feel nice, like a little leg hug. I spose time will tell if they actually help.  My favourite thing about them though? This-

Just in case you forget what you are doing, or have been doing. Good old Lidl. Also, they look super cool-

Do you use compression socks?
Where did you get yours?

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  1. Running on a treadmill is easier than running outdoors. Your body isn't having to work as're not moving...the treadmill is. When you get have to deal with the changing surface of the ground, the wind and everything else! I gave up running on a treadmill sometime last year as it wasn't benefiting me when I was training for events which are outdoors :) x