Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Stuck in a Winter slump

I am here to confess. I've been very lazy. I've hardly done any exercise, not blogged at all, not done much really. I don't know if its the time of year (a touch of SAD maybe?), or related to the fact I changed jobs yet again. I am settling into my new job now though, and am much happier. The shifts are long, 12 hrs, which doesn't leave much time for exercise or anything else once I get in. However, the benefit of the shifts is that I get more days off in which to do things. The added complication of the new job is that it is in Glasgow, and I live in Dundee. So, I stay at my parents when working. My gym membership is in Dundee, along with my bike and other fitness equipment. I have taken running things to Glasgow, so in theory I can run when I have days off there.

The only thing I am missing is motivation! I really need a boot up the bum, some get up and go, a bit of oomph! If anybody has some spare, send it my way. I hope by writing this post I can shame myself into doing something, as I can feel myself putting on weight, and generally feeling meh.

How do you get over a lack of motivation?

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