Thursday, 20 March 2014

Getting myself back on track.

That slump I talked about over 6 weeks ago? Yeah, it continued, until now. I have piled on weight over the winter, and not been active at all. The time for excuses is over, I know I can do better, and feel happier as a result. Last weekend I bit the bullet and signed up for the 10K at the Edinburgh Marathon Festival, which is on the 24th of May. When I first started running last year I vaguely chose this as a goal, but then all but gave up on it as I hit my slump. I decided to sign up for it anyway, with the sole goal of finishing the race. The website states that the sweeper bus comes along at 1hr 45 mins, so as long as I can do it faster than that, i'm all good! Already the promise of shiny medals in pulling me in like a magpie, and I am thinking of doing a 5k and 10K in Glasgow in May as well! The 5k is the race for life, which is for a good cause and should be fun as well. The 10K is the women's 10K, which I think a lot of women walk, so it will be a no pressure run, and hopefully will show me that I can do it!

With that goal in mind, I have dragged myself out of the slump, and got moving. I had planned to run yesterday, but was aching from 2 busy 12hr shifts at work. So, I rested, and then got straight into it today. I am quite pleased with myself today, I've exercised, ate healthy foods, and not napped. My sleep pattern has been terrible recently, not sleeping well at night, then napping, and so on. I started today with a driving lesson, which went ok actually. I then came in, and had a protein shake, as it was only 11, too early for lunch, and I didn't have much other food in.
Loving my pink blender bottle!

At this point it was absolutely pouring with rain, so I really wasn't up for going for a run as I had planned. I figured there was no point going out and being miserable. I decided to wait it out and see if the weather picked up. For lunch I had a yummy salad-

It had spinach, cherry tomatoes, yellow pepper, avocado, olives and feta. I have decided to start getting spinach instead of lettuce, as its tastier, and I think better for you. I am going to try sautéing it next.

After lunch I did some laundry, then battled in my head wether to walk into town and go to the gym, or go for the run I had planned. As the weather was a bit better, I wrapped up in my thermals and hit the pavement.

Thats me on the riverside, where it was really really windy. I think I would have been better doing my circular route the other way, as I wouldn't have been running into the wind. I did a mix of running and walking, nothing amazing, but a start.

I was pleased with the result, 480 cals burnt!

I feel much better with myself for getting out there, and doing something to change the way I look and feel. Now I just need to keep it up!

What healthy foods do you enjoy?


  1. 480 calories is great, go you! Loving the spinach in the salad - perhaps I will do a post on the wonders of spinach, quite like that idea. I know how hard I find it to motivate myself to do exercise sometimes (ok, actually, most of the time!) but I definitely always feel better for actually doing it. Keep up the good work! xx

  2. Well done to you! I'm doing the EMF half this year and have run the 10km a few years ago.

    My favourite healthy foods? There are too many! Coconut oil, avocado, natural peanut butter and decaf green tea are my current favourites :)